Sunday, January 26, 2014


Central Estates Zambia has a wide range of Houses for Sale in Ndola Zambia. These include 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms and 4 Bedroom Houses.

If you are looking for a house to buy in Itawa, Kansenshi, Northrise, Masala, Lubuto, Mushili, Chifubu, Pamodzi and Town Area, contact us on any of the contact details below.
2 Bedroom Flat for Sale at Council Flats in Itawa, Ndola. Price K280,000. ZA7-012
3 Bedroom Semi-Detatched House plus Servants Quarter for Sale in Kansenshi, Ndola. Price K450,000. ZA7-002
3 Bedroom House MSC for Sale near Jacaranda Mall in Masala Ndola. Price K420,000. ZA7-004
3 Bedrooms House for Sale in in Northrise Ndola. Price K400,000. ZA7-001
2 Semi-Det 3 Bedroom Houses for Sale in Northrise Ndola. Price K700,000. ZA7-015
3 Bedroom House for Sale in Northrise Ndola. Price K750,000. ZA7-017 
3 Bedroom House on 1 Acre Plot for Sale in Ndola near Ndola Central Hospital. Price K2m. ZA7-003
3 Bedroom House for Sale in Misundu Road, Ndola. Price K400,000. ZA7-013
For more information, contact us:
Central Estates Zambia, P. O. Box 36196, Lusaka. Zambia. Call: +260962563356, +260978789997
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